The most valuable and cost effective way to market a property. Professional images can increase the perceived value of any property. At the same time, these images have your name next to them. So, not only does this add value to your professional 'brand'; your clients will also appreciate the quality images and plesant viewing experience.


The most important shot of each real estate shoot is the 'profile' image. This will be the first photo the buyer will see, click on, and/or save to their list.

As your photographer I research each home to determine the optimal time of day to capture each home in its best light. For higher end homes I recommend a scouting session for optimal results.

3-6 Images included.


Now, that the profile image has captured your attention its time to take a peek inside. I always work to capture the feeling every home I shoot. By working with natural light and a multi-strobe technique I help the viewer move through each image to tell the homes entire story.

15-25 images included.


What a great addition to add to a series of images. The twilight image is not only stunning but, intriguing. Who is not going to want to click on this image and see the rest of the property?

Recommended for homes valued at >$200k.

1-3 images included.


Looking for another way for buyers to interact with a listing? Real estate videos create a dynamic, interactive experience where buyers can feel like they're actually there. Video tells a properties story in a way that photography just can't. Hearing the sounds of the property, seeing the views in real time, and moving through the property are just a few of the ways video can add to a marketing plan.

Add a personal touch to your listing by giving the tour yourself. We will work together and create a video where your clients can have a personal interaction with you even before they meet you. Your colleagues will also be impressed.

Recommended for high-end properties >$500k.