Focusing on providing clients with the highest quality real estate, commercial, sports, and adventure photography and videography in Southern Oregon.

2016 proved to be the 'best year ever' for photographer/videographer Kamrin Nielsen of Klamath Falls, Oregon. After four years of professional experience working with some of the top companies, business leaders, and individuals of Klamath County and beyond, Kamrin Nielsen Photo Video is finally taking strides. The last few years have been full of learning new techniques, mastering the old, building and growing lasting relationships, and adding the latest technology to the gear bag. With this new year in full swing Kamrin plans on continuing this trend and have another 'BEST YEAR EVER' in 2017.



I discovered my passion for cameras, photography, and film during my early motocross racing career. Growing up watching action sports films, rather than the jumps and stunts, I remember being more intrigued by how the cameramen were getting the shots and how awesome it would be to film and travel with these incredible athletes. So, at 14 I bought my first camera and, of course, started making dirtbike and sponsorship videos of my friends.


After awhile, the camera went on the shelf and the racing slowed down. I focused on earning my degree in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship from Oregon State University.  During my sophomore year I was in a devastating practice crash that helped put my life into perspective. It took months of laying in a hospital bed to figure out what I was going to do. The camera came off the shelf, I went back to OSU, took some film/photo courses, and finished my degree with another passion. Business.

Kamrin Nielsen Photography was created in 2013 with the vision of using our expertise in business to create awesome multimedia content to fit any companies marketing applications.

Today, I have more passion, more confidence, and more drive to be the best creator, businessman, and human being I can be. I absolutely love working with all the incredible people I meet and creating beautiful images that can be remembered for a lifetime.